Better. Through Yoga.
Corporate Yoga Outreach by YogabyReilly

Let us help you bring about a visible change in your employee productivity levels, by incorporating yoga into their lives. Armed with over 20 years of experience in the corporate world working with senior management teams, Reilly has infused all our programs with the finer points of what it takes to excel at work and build happier teams.

Our corporate yoga programs include,

  • The Desktop Yoga Program
  • The Clarity Through Breath Program
  • The Inner Goddess Program
  • The Stretched to the Limit Program


We also conduct special offsite retreats called ‘The Happiness Retreats’ that combine techniques to help your employees embrace their bodies and learn how their mind and body when working together will bring them harmony. It will bring in a feeling of mindfulness through powerful breathing techniques. And teach them how to manifest a life filled with happiness – both professional and personal.