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you wouldn’t even be alive
if your parents had said no.

no, i will not read this post. no, i will not go out for a beer. no, i don’t wanna go for that movie. no i won’t do this and no i won’t do that.

after ‘i’, ‘no’ would probably be the most used and abused word in the english language. everyone likes saying no – it’s the easiest thing to do. or not do is this case.

i’ve said no a million times before. no to going out. no for that party. no for that lunch. no for that movie and no to a million other things.

but then things changed. now it’s not like i don’t say no – i just say it less.

and it wasn’t some big wise man who read out some big wise words but a movie that made me change.

and funnily, it was a jim carrey movie called ‘yes man’. a movie that for some reason didn’t fare too well at the box-office. in it, a friend tells him to try saying ‘yes’ to everything that happens to him. and so he does and life takes a turn for the better.

i won’t spoil it for you. but that’s the gist.


yup real simple. but not too many people do this. imagine just for a second that from tomorrow you’re gonna say yes to everything life throws at you.

yes to that trip. yes to trying out something new at work. yes to taking a different route home. imagine that. bloody hell. imagine the things you would experience. all those new people you would meet, all those new places you’ll would see and all those new things you would eat.

sure you’ll come across a few difficulties but look at them as opportunities to learn something new and not as an obstacle.

now compare that to going through the same old routine. everything would be the same. you wouldn’t experience anything new or different. you’d wake up, travel to work, do your work, travel back home and sleep. and that’s another day gone down the drain. another day that you won’t know from the next in a few years from now.

so here’s a suggestion. go buy a dvd or a blu-ray disc of ‘yes man’. flick it into your laptop or computer or dvd player or blu ray player and watch it start to finish.

then try the same concept on yourself and tell me if it made a difference.

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