a beautiful day


today is a great day. And if it isn’t, it’s time
to smile at the douche bag who’s spoiling it.

yeah, throw him a smile from the bottom of your heart. smile like you mean it. smile and soon the nut will think you’ve lost it and give up scared out of his pants.
i’m serious. i’m not making this up. nowadays, people are so hassled with things around them that they often find it weird when someone displays one of the most basic human emotions.

so if someone pushes ahead of you in a bus line. smile. if your superior is yelling at you for something insignificant. smile. if a nutcase dents your car in traffic. smile.

that man in the bus line will not sleep well at night wondering if there was something wrong with you. your boss will think you’ve lost it and will think twice before screaming the next time. and the fellow who dents your car may actually accept his mistake and offer to pay for the damage.

all just because you smiled.

so there you see, all you have to do is forget about the other person, focus on yourself and look on the brighter side. why he is yelling or what he is saying doesn’t matter.

keep calm. smile.

you’ll have a beautiful day. and he’ll be left wondering what the hell just happened.




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